Free slots with bonus rounds – out of charge and full of excitement

Free slots with bonus rounds – types and peculiarities

When a gambler decides what game to play, the most important criteria are not only RTP, design, interface, theme or the safety and secure. Free slots with bonus rounds are always on the top of the list of the slot games with the highest amount of visitors.

In general, no download free slots with bonus rounds have the same principle of activation. The games have so called “scatter symbols”. And usually when three such symbols appear on the screen, a bonus round is activated. And it doesn’t matter, where these scatters are – on the winning line or randomized on the gaming field.

Free slots with bonus rounds and the variety of gifts

Different games have different bonuses, and one slot can have two, three or even more bonus rounds. And free slots no download; no registration with bonus rounds can satisfy a great number of specific gamblers’ requests. The main types of such bonuses are represented in the list below.

  • Gamble round. It’s the simplest and the most frequently met power-up amongst free slots with bonus rounds. When there’s a winning line, the gambler is offered to choose (usually) one of two variants. If the choice is correct, the gain is doubled.
  • Free spins. This bonus is a self-explanatory one. It allows the gambler having the reels’ spins without additional charges.
  • Instant Win. This is a special gift by online casinos without additional actions.
  • Pathway. It’s a bonus, where the gambler “keeps on going the gift way”. And as more steps are made, so the bigger gain is to be received.
  • Cascades. This round is organized by moving the symbols to the left or to the right to help the gambler in getting winning combination.
  • Multi-level bonus game. It’s one of the most interesting types amongst free online slots with bonus rounds. Here it’s necessary to get the symbols, which hide prizes. One of the symbol puts the player to the next level with higher prizes.
  • Pick a Box. This bonus gives an opportunity to open a number of boxes till there’s no empty one. Thus, lucky step by lucky step the player can gather more and more prizes.

Of course, it’s not the whole list of bonus games. New online casinos try to attract the attention of the gamblers, by inventing new variants of bonus rounds, but the mentioned ones are the most popular.

Free slots with bonus rounds and some advice of their usage

The variety of different bonuses make the gamblers dizzy. And making the choice of this or that video slot, considering possible bonus rounds, the players should learn some points. First, it’s necessary to check the reviews to understand what types and quantity of power-ups are available. It’ll be also very useful to check how often these “gifts” can appear on the screen. There’s a type of players, who spend time in front of a laptop not to get winning lines, but to participate in amazing bonus games. In this case, it’s better to choose the minimal bet that gives more chances to catch bonuses.

The best slots with the best bonus rounds

Of course, free slots with bonus rounds are not about such games as Blackjack, Poker or Roulette, but video slots like Cleopatra, Starburst, Monopoly, Book of Ra, Rainbow Riches bring the players “bouquet of emotions”.

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