How To Win Pokies: Basic & The Most Popular Winning Strategies

It is almost impossible to calculate the exact odds of winning any pokie machine. Since it is determined by a random number generator, the algorithm of which does not depend on the online casino. There is an opinion that the probability of winning pokies is higher if they have few reels. However, no one can predict the probability of winning every time, but certain strategies of how to win pokies increase the chances of getting it.

How To Win Pokies: The Basic Winning Tips

Before start using betting strategies of how to win pokies machine, it is crucial to learn how to manage the risk. It is vital to remember and master the fundamental rules of the game:

  • Choosing the right bet sizes: modern pokies allow adjusting them in a fairly wide range, as well as the number of lines. Experienced bettors prefer to stick to an intermediate-range – for example, if the betting range is $ 1-25, they put $ 10-15 for the line. Beginners should start with the minimum values;
  • Master bankroll management, managing the gaming account. The RNG algorithm is programmed in such a way that it may take playing 200 or 1000 spins to get before finding out how to win pokies. If there is no money, the loss is inevitable. Players should determine the amount that they can painlessly lose, and make the bets proportionally to it;
  • Manage gambling time. Gamblers are to set the limit on the time they can spend playing, and don’t deviate from it. Experienced gamblers take a break after every 30 minutes of play for other distractions.

The system of rates involves changing their sizes depending on the course of the game under certain circumstances. It is not a strategy of the game, but rather a tactic of how to win pokies Australia. It changes rapidly and forces users to analyze information and make decisions.

The Most Popular Strategies To Get Big Win Playing Pokies

The strategies below will help users stay profitable and enjoy the game:

  • The idea of the d’Alembert technique of how to win pokies is that users need to play only two bets with a previously specified money amount. In other words, after a loss, the bet increases by a certain amount and is bet until the moment when the user receives a victory, and vice versa;
  • The Fibonacci strategy is based on constant monitoring and analyzing the numerical sequence. When making a bet, each subsequent number is formed in the process of summing the previous two;
  • The Martingale strategy is one of the simplest and most accessible, even for beginners. Its essence is to increase the rate (double) until the player gets a victory. As soon as the winning combination coincides with the monitor, users need to reset the bet to the minimum and start counting from the beginning until they win.

In any case, it is important to realize that winning bets are usually a matter of chance. A strategy of how to win pokies that worked with one device and brings big wins, may not give results on the second. So they need to use them deliberately.

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