Roulette Black Diamond

Roulette Black Diamond by Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play company is known primarily as a developer of spectacular slot machines with spectacular graphics and a variety of features. But in the portfolio of the manufacturer is also very high quality gambling games of other genres. With one of them you will get acquainted with the current review. This is an interesting online roulette with a catchy name “Black Diamond”.

Play online Roulette Black Diamond

Roulette Black Diamond is a French roulette with different types of bets. The general rules of the game are traditional. The game is aimed at high rollers. The minimum bet per spin is fifty dollars. The total maximum reaches two thousand dollars.

Limits on the individual items to clarify directly at the table. In general, the gameplay also consists of the usual steps. Need to select the denomination chips, make bets start a new round with a special button. Then everything is fully automated. The random number generator determines the winning number, and the virtual dealer makes payments and takes away the losing bets.

Types of bets

Roulette Black Diamond casino

Roulette Black Diamond accepts all traditional bets:

  • Internal – on one, two, three, four and six numbers;
  • Outside – on color, even/odds, big/small numbers, columns and dozens.

It is also possible to play by sector. These bets are taken on a separate Special Bet panel. They are as follows:

  • Voisins du zero
  • Tiers du cylindre
  • Orphelins en Plein
  • Orphelins a cheval.

Each of these options involves covering a minimum number of chips at once the whole group of numbers next to each other on the roulette wheel.

How to play Roulette Black Diamond?

Model has a typical French roulette interface with the original arrangement of the cells for betting on the gaming table. The cloth is painted in black, which led to the choice of the name. On the side of the table shows the chips of different denominations. To make bets you have to select a coin and click with the mouse on the positions you want.

Clicking the left button adds one chip, and using the right button removes one chip. On the control panel there are several information boxes and handy buttons to control the gameplay:

  • Spin – to start a round
  • Clear – remove chips from the table
  • Repeat – repeat bet
  • Special Bets – special bets panel
  • Current Balance – current balance
  • Bet – total stake at stake
  • Win – win for the round

On the left there is a table of the last numbers and a table with the limits. When selecting special bets pay attention to the highlighting of numbers, which are covered by this or that position. When the winning number is determined, an additional window appears, where a close-up of a part of the reel with this cell is shown. The image of the gear in the upper right corner starts the parameters window, where you can choose the dealer’s voice, specify the speed of the game process or mute the sound. It is also possible to expand the game to the full screen.

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