Penny Slots: Win Big with A Penny

Penny slots: easy gambling for big winnings

The Las Vegas atmosphere is now available in the easiest and funniest way! Penny slots free or real money can help you feel yourself on a roll.

The lowest and therefore considered useless denomination of currency found its application in slot machines, called correspondingly penny slots, that can be found at ground-based casinos like Midnight Rose, or online. The lowest bet in these multiline slots is 1 penny (or 1 cent). Such a small amount makes players feel like they are more affordable and safer to play. However, there are particular nuances, which any player should consider before and during the game.

How to play penny slots?

The goal of any slot game is to line up identical images in any payline available and hit bonus images to extra spins or coins. Playing slots seems easy, but several points should be taken into consideration:

  • keep track of all money you bet on a line and raise or reduce your bet according to your factual wins;
  • since machines often advertise you to bet more one penny, set a potential budget that you are ready to lose before starting to play;
  • notice, that the payout percentage is often the lowest one among slots and goes down to 75%;
  • playing all the possible lines at penny slots will potentially increase winnings and trigger bonus rounds, however, will also increase a bet;
  • pay attention to features of a particular slot, for example, in some slots, a spin activates more than one paylines, so the initial bet should be automatically higher than 1 cent.

The best choice in order to puzzle out such machines and get used to them is to try free penny slots first.

How to win at penny slots?

This question rises in most of players’ minds and is covered by numerous myths. The most popular methods are:

  • raising the bet after getting the winning payline and decreasing after non-getting;
  • looking for a “hot” or “cold” machines;
  • calculating the number of spins for find the winning one;

And many more. But the truth is that there is no real strategy for winning, since these machines work fully random and spins are not connected in any logic.

Types of free online penny slots

Today Las Vegas offers huge variety of slot machines that can be classified in four types:

  1. Classics. Line up three identical symbols in one line to win;
  2. Multi-Payline. Line up identical symbols in different direction and more than one line;
  3. Video slots. Line up thematic images with corresponding video and sound effects and play bonus games and side quests to win more;
  4. Progressive slots. Win the whole jackpot pool created with all the bets of all the players

All types have their own peculiarities, which differ them from each other and make it an exciting game for players. Play free to learn or simply have fun!

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